About IndiaLICS

IndiaLICS is the India chapter of Globelics, an international network of scholars who apply the concept of Learning, Innovation and Competence building System (LICS) as a framework for promoting inclusive and sustainable development in developing countries, emerging economies and societies in transition.

IndiaLICS aims at promoting research on innovation and development in the economy, society and environment. This is accomplished through research on the contents and interlinkages between innovation – be it technological, institutional, organizational, sectoral, regional or any other form or function – and development, as well as historical and institutional contexts and processes that shape the two. To achieve this goal IndiaLICS engages in and pro-actively promotes domestic and global exchange of scholarship in innovation systems and the translation of innovation to development outcomes. Its activities include organizing seminars/conferences, undertaking capacity building activities, and pro-active research engagements with policy-making communities, entrepreneurs and workers in all walks of production, distribution and consumption.

The decision to form IndiaLICS was made in a meeting of Indian scholars with B A Lundvall and Shulin Gu on the sidelines of 9th Globelics conference held in Malaysia. During the first three years Dinesh Abrol and Rajeswari Raina from NISTADS, New Delhi coordinated IndiaLICS related activities.  Since then Lakhwinder Sigh, Centre for Development Economics and Innovation Studies, Punjabi University Patiala has been coordinating the various activities under the general direction of K J Joseph, Centre for Development Studies and Vice President, Globelics