Working Paper Series

Working Paper No. Author(s) of the Paper Title of the Paper
1 K.J. Joseph, Liyan Zhang and Kiran Kumar Regional inequality in technological learning capability in China: innovation system perspective
2 Karin Astrid Siegmann Fair Trade as Civic Innovation? The case of tea certification in India
3 Atrayee saha Technological innovation and agrarian transition: impact on small and marginal farmers
4 Sanghita Mondal Export Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment in India: A Firm Level Analysis
5 Gautam Sharma and Hemant Kumar Patents and grassroots innovations: rethinking intellectual property rights in the informal sector
6 Minati Mallick and Urmi Pattanayak Crop Diversification and Sustainable Agriculture in India
7 Anjali Tandon and Shahid Ahmed Analysing energy induced technological changes in Indian economy: A sectoral study
8 Purnima Singh and Madhukar Sharma Framing a new approach towards Sustainable development through CSR initiatives in India: An Evaluation
9 Thaarcis Albin Diffusion of Computer-Numerically Controlled Machine Tools In India
10 Abha Arya and Saradindu Bhaduri Indian Ayurvedic Medicine Industry at a Crossroads: Exploring Technological Capabilities in the Post-WTO Policy Regime
11 Shri Ashok Parthasarathi Down the Memory Lane Recalling India’s Nation – Building Exercise