Moment burning car flies down street as vigil for dead teenager turns into riot

This shocking footage shows rioters sending a car down a hill towards houses as a vigil for a dead teenager descended into violence.

The disorder in Swansea, Wales has been widely condemned and described as a “wanton disregard for public safety” by police.

It is thought that people had initially gathered to remember Ethan Powell, 19, who passed away suddenly on Tuesday.

The cause of the local man’s death is yet to be established – as is the spark for the chaotic scenes on Thursday.

Video shows a group of people with their hoods up sending a car flying down a hill in the city’s Mayhill area.

The motor appears to have been pushed towards another torched vehicle, with onlookers cheering as it crashes into a wall.

Swansea’s council leader has described those involved as “yobs” and said the behaviour was “absolutely disgusting”.

South Wales Police has pledged to take action to identify the offenders after the riots, said to have involved hundreds of people.

The force’s chief constable Jeremy Vaughan said: “Saddened and furious at events in Swansea last night.

“So many families will have been tormented by those responsible, rest assured we will stop at nothing to find them.

“We will work hard with others to help and support local residents who deserve better than this.”

Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford also condemned the violence.

He said: “The violent scenes in Swansea last night were completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated anywhere in Wales.

“Thank you [South Wales Police] for bringing the situation under control and continuing to monitor it closely this morning.”

Locals had been urged to stay indoors while police worked to bring the incident to a “safe conclusion”.

Some have since reported bricks being thrown through their windows by the gathered yobs – forcing to sit in their houses in fear.

South Wales Police said on Facebook that the disorder had been contained in the early hours of Friday.

Superintendent Tim Morgan said “those involved can expect to face robust action”.

He added that it is believed the riots “started as a vigil to a recently deceased local resident”.

But the situation then “escalated into violence, criminal damage and a wanton disregard for public safety”, he said.

A relative of Mr Powell has also slammed the violent scenes and those who took part.

They said: “He would have been heartbroken to have seen what happened.

“He would have been trying to stop it – it is not something he would have wanted to see.

“We can’t understand why there were people there laughing.

“To see that going on in Ethan’s name is devastating.”

Friends have organised three memorial balloon release events to popular Mr Powell, including one this coming weekend.