Tim Tebow to wear No. 85, for now

Tim Tebow has a new job. He also has a new number. At least for now.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the new tight end on the Jaguars will wear No. 85 for today’s on-field drills.

“That could change, but that’s his number for today,” Rapoport tweeted. It likely will change if/when the Jaguars trade or release quarterback Gardner Minshew II, who currently has No. 15.

To the extent that Jaguars aren’t treating Tebow like the usual 90th man on the roster (and they definitely aren’t), they’ll want to start selling jerseys with his name on them. The sooner they get him in 15, the sooner that can happen.

Or maybe the plan is to sell a bunch of Tebow 85 jerseys for now, and a bunch of Tebow 15 jerseys later. Regardless, football is business and the Jaguars are in the business of making money and this move is much more about business than football.