Teen left partially blind after phone charger explodes and spark flies into eye

A university undergraduate was left partially blind after a faulty phone charger exploded and sparks flew into her eye.

Law student Esther Modede, 19, from Birmingham, West Midlands, was plugging her phone in on the evening of April 27 when she noticed the wire looked a little damaged.

Shortly after, Esther’s phone and the charger started burning up and she noticed smoke.

Moments later the wire began exploding and one of the sparks hit Esther directly in the eye, leaving her unable to see out of her left eye.

That night Esther spent four hours in hospital getting a bandage over her eye, which she had to keep on for three days.

When the bandage was removed, Esther’s eyesight still wasn’t back to normal but she is slowly recovering.

Esther said: “I had borrowed my friends my charger over the weekend and when I got it back it was slightly damaged.

“I didn’t think anything of it so I plugged in my phone to charge and it started burning up.

“I didn’t think it was going to get any worse and then as I was recording it, it started sparking.

“I then got a spark in my eye and I couldn’t see very well at all. I didn’t realise I was that close or that the spark would be able to enter my eye. I was extremely worried.

“Everything went blurry and when I closed my other eye I couldn’t see very well.

“I had the bandage on my eye for three days. When I took the bandage off I couldn’t see very clearly, but my sight has cleared up and is still healing.”

Esther was told by eye specialists at Birmingham City Hospital that the spark had damaged her cornea.

She added: “The surface of my eye was effected.

“The moment the spark hit my eye my eye shut and I felt it begin to swell. It was a hot sensation. The swelling and the blurring of my sight was worrying.

“My vision as of last week was still recovering but as of [now], currently, it’s a lot better and I can now read when the other eye is shut.”